Saturday, 15 September 2018

Where: Echo Valley Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

As it is the beginning of October, I thought it would be appropriate to post the first magical stop from the road trip Sterling and I embarked on almost a month ago now to see our country. Traveling across Canada is an incredible and easier than portrayed trip I think many people should take at least once in their lives. Sterling and I hopped into our van and took off north, first up to our favourite place in Ontario, then continued above Lake superior and past two more provincial borders. In the heart of Saskatchewan, past Regina and a little north, we stumbled upon what appeared to be the perfect little October country. It was September 10th after 4 days of being on the road; we had just left 40 degree heat came to the wonderful sweater weather of Echo Valley Provincial Park. The park was filled with fallen leaves that made the campsites adorned with golden floors and ceilings. On top of the incredible warm hues of trees and vegetation, we slept beside a lake overlooking some rolling dune-like hills. I would 100% recommend September camping in this area as the park was quiet and secluded after a busy summer season.

When I got there I just needed to bring out my cream wool sweater and prance around in the leaves. My whole outfit is thrifted; the sweater being from an old collection of the brand Jacob, and my denim being vintage Gap. My Doc's were a gift and definitely a recommended essential for van travel, especially with the rapidly fluctuating temperatures and precipitation.

sweater - Jacob (thrifted) | jeans - vintage GAP | boots - Doc Martens 

I hope you all enjoyed your September month and whether you are back to school, back on the grind or travelling I hope you have a wonderful rest of autumn. Don't forget to sign up to email notifications to be updated with my next destinations you have to check out across Canada!

Thanks so much for reading. All my love,

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Cherry On-Top

blouse - forever21 | denim shorts - zara | white sneakers - nautica | hat - polo ralph lauren | earrings - forever21
Summer has been quite the whirlwind so far. In Canada, it's as hot as Arizona for weeks then raining down like the wettest day in London, England for just as long. On sunny summer days like this one, I love wearing a simple outfit made of of basically a shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers. This blouse is just a dressier version of a t-shirt and can be totally dressed up in an outfit with smart trousers and block heels, or worn down like this to create a casual summer vibe.

 Billowy natural fabrics are perfect for the groggy days because they are so breathable. Of course, I love white in the summertime and this white blouse happens to be covered in little embroidered cherries, which I think is a lovely detail. This top is the epitome of sweet and innocent in this outfit, but i can also picture myself styling it with a leather jacket and some high waisted jeans on cooler nights out. 
My accessories today is a pair of gorgeous drop hoop earrings I found at Forever21. These are a definite rip off of a pair of Mango earrings from last season that I wanted to purchase but unfortunately they were sold out by the time I was ready to make an order. I took heavy inspiration and decided to look for a dupe because these earrings are just too glamorous.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Mornings with Carbon Coco

As a lot of you probably know, Carbon Coco has been a internet hit since the brand started sending their products to just about every social media influencer. At first I was worried about why they had to send their products to just about everyone to get people talking about it, but that marketing got people genuinely talking because of how great the product really is. My first impression of the brand was that their products were cruelty free, no fluoride, and used all natural products, which is definitely all things I really appreciate when it comes to self-care products. I decided to work with them very quickly and excitedly to have this chance to try them out!

I first wet my toothbrush and dip it gently in the activated charcoal powder.
Being cautious of not spilling, I then begin brushing with little pressure to polish
my teeth. I work the powder all around my mouth brushing evenly throughout for a total of 2 minutes. When spitting the charcoal out, you HAVE to spit low to the sink and try to be gentle otherwise you will have a literal Jackson Pollock painting in your sink (see reference here). At first was incredibly intimidating brushing with a powder (and a jet black one at that) but as I got used to working it into my morning routine I began to really look forward to it. The reason being, is the instantly brightening smile it leaves! After seeing so many "reviews" online I was being cynical and originally thought that the way it works was that the dark charcoal colour just cancels out the yellow tones in stained teeth by leaving it's own kind of stain. But now I'm sure that over time it has genuinely left my teeth looking brighter and actually more healthy without feeling stripped of all my enamel. The Crest White Strips always made my teeth feel sensitive and dry but I'm confident to say that the Carbon Coco powder leaves them in better shape then ever.

The second step is definitely my favourite because of the amazing formula of this toothpaste. After brushing with a powder that leaves a LOT of residue in between your teeth or on your tongue, you 100% will want a second cleanse with a good toothpaste. I love the spearmint flavour and the fact that it's FLUORIDE FREE! Fluoride in toothpaste has always made me feel absolutely sick to my stomach and honestly, it made me hate brushing my teeth. In high school, oral care felt like such a chore but now I genuinely feel excited to use these products in the morning. 

Overall, I am so incredibly pleased with this brand and their message. They are continuing to be innovative and grow their company more and more with the release of their water flosser and even coming out with new flavours of activated charcoal. They made a natural whitening system so mainstream that so many smaller healthcare companies can market charcoal powder in products and people not be deterred by how scary that sounds. Thank you so much to the team at Carbon Coco for sending their products to me and being patient with me to create a post I was proud of! I can't wait to continue using these products as I go on my big road trip at the end of the summer so I can brush everyday and be confident these products won't harm the environment.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Give Them the Slip(dress)

slip dress - thrifted | boots - doc martin | hat - forever21 | glasses - hakim optical

I found this beautiful maxi slip dress for $3.50 at my local thrift shop and just had to style it with my Doc's and wide brim fedora! I'm in love with the ditsy floral print that are actually little burgundy and white sunflowers. I'm not one to lean toward buying navy, but I think because of the floral pattern on this one I can pull it off with my black boots and accessories. This is such an easy going way to wear a dress this summer without it having to be anything fancy. I love the idea of juxtaposing something dainty and simple like the silhouette of a slip (which is usually an under garment) with edgy elements.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

New In: Leopard Mini

t-shirt - thrifted | skirt - topshop | sneakers - marshalls (nautica) | cap - england, street shop | sunnies - bluenotes

I've always looked at my favourite style influencers Samantha Maria & Sonya Esman with envious eyes questioning how they can pull off leopard and cheetah print. I finally caved and bought this skirt from Topshop to try and style in my own way and I'm surprised to say that I honestly love the way it looks. I went a little bolder than I usually would and paired it with a red cropped tee, with my page boy cap & silver jewelry. I think I was afraid of the awful leopard-print-everything I grew up with and strayed away from the pattern, but buying classic pieces and wearing it styled as the outfit's focal point absolutely works! I can't wait to wear this with a black graphic tee and some Chelsea boots for more of a chic streetwear look in contrast to this fun summerly ootd. This really taught me to always step out of my comfort zone if I love a style on someone else, then I can let it truly inspire me to implement it into my own wardrobe! I had so much fun in this outfit and really was feelin' myself in this adorable skirt so I'm truly happy I took the chance and purchased it!

Thanks for reading,