Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Inspirations for AW14

Tumblr Inspirations October '14

I have been extremely drawn to big, baggy top layers and slimming bottoms as the cold season is approaching. Thick, oversized turtleneck sweaters paired with furs or leather jackets are making a statement in worldly fashion. Black skinny jeans are almost the only thing I wear (other then my amazing light wash distressed boyfriend jeans), and I usually pair them with oversized anything. Whether it is my boyfriend's big green sweater, a large Zara knit, or a big flannel, it all works perfect with a pair of high top Vans Classics or some tall black suede Timberland boots. I have actually been loving the colour green paired with black lately (which is why I included the photograph of the farming fields.) I am dying to get some thick textured statement pieces into my wardrobe soon in colours I usually avoid like cream, camel, and greens. I have recently loved to wear my dainty gold chain with a tiny birthstone heart on it, which gives any outfit a delicate feel, especially when not wanting to accessorize to the extreme. Before the season is over I need to get myself a fedora styled hat... I have been dying for a wine coloured one. Usually in this season I start to wear my hair in a half bun because of the rainy damp weather. The top layer protects most of the bottom layer and  makes it look less wet. I have been wearing makeup again, and everyday am using a "fresh-bruise-colour" (this is not the actual colour name I just like that it makes me look like I have black eyes) out of my Avon pallet. Experimenting with makeup and looking at fashion show makeup is really inspiring to me because the looks are usually quite wearable. This month I have been trying to preserve my almond shaped fake nails I did myself. I used a gel paint to coat them in a dark grey and am loving the colour and how it works with everything I wear!

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