Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Winter Essentials

At the end of November I headed out to Blue Ridge, Georgia in the U.S and it was gorgeous there and almost as cold as Canada was around that time. Sterling's lovely grandmother got me a pair of beautifully warm and tartan patterned earmuffs. They are so easy to wear when your hair is up or down and they keep your ears perfectly warm. Definitely a good investment for the chilly winter.

I have been on the hunt for a big warm turtle-necked knit sweater. This one is such a rich yellow orange that it works with all the other deep dark colours of winter so styling is easy, just add a tartan scarf, dark jeans and a big overcoat! 
So for Christmas I was lucky to revive this amazing body lotion from my grandmother. It doesn't have a overpowering fragrance, just a dainty smell that warms your senses from the cold. The packaging is a stunning red glass bottle which was a delightful surprise. The formula is really great too it just leaves your hands smelling and feeling perfect.

I have been loving the most beautiful hand lotion that actually keeps my skin in shape! It smells amazing and is all natural. It isn't sticky either, its in a bar form and rubs on very smoothly.

As a little anniversary present on December 1, my wonderful boyfriend got me a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is such a perfect staple for my all-the-time ring wear. It's such a dainty ring that gives off a beautiful shimmer and it is honestly one of the most gorgeous pieces I own. SO MUCH THANKS TO HIM! 

I had bought a really nice black bucket bag from Zara in the early fall but one of the "metal" clasps that held the straps together broke, I returned it giving me some store credit and I got 22$ off this big beauty. This bag is so perfect for winter because you have room to store all your essential care products and warm accessories in here with room to spare!

I love the Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks colours I picked up from Shoppers. You customize your dream palette which is seriously awesome. I slop these two colours around my eyes everyday as well as defining my brows with the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil. Both these products are definitely worth investing in.

This is a perfect beauty winter staple because this gives me SO much moisturizer on my lips. I can feel the formula repairing all the cracks and cuts the cold weather created.

I love love love the look of a matte lip, and recently I wanted to buy a nude matte lipstick so I got one from Shoppers to pair with this Rimmel lip liner but honestly I'm not too fond of the actual lipstick. I LOVE the look I can achieve from fully applying this liner all over my lips its just the perfect matte colour: nude with definite pinky pigments too.