Thursday, 27 August 2015

Love Lettuce by LUSH

I was so absolutely pleased to buy this (not so) little tub of the amazing Lush's Love Lettuce facial mask and let my face have a treat when it feels like it needs it. 

Using Lush products makes you feel lush.
 I am always so happy with how my face feels after I wash off this face mask. The consistency is very grainy with an over all cooling sensation. After the mask dries and while washing the goods off, you can tell its deep cleaning but not scratching your face. Just make sure to add a lot of water before trying to remove it as it does get pretty crusty. 
The final effect: it makes your face feel refreshed and bouncy (just as if you ate a huge bowl of green vegetables!) and for me it dries out blemishes as well as tones down the redness. I am extremely excited to try their other fresh face masks when I'm through this tub, which has actually taken me a lot longer then expected. 

If there is a local Lush around you, be sure to try out some of their masks before any other brand as they fight against any animal testing.  

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