Saturday, 1 August 2015

Paper Fashion: Bridal

I became extremely inspired through this fashion project because SS Paris Fashion week was on the move and many of the evening gowns were to die for. 
I came across Ellie Saab who had showcased the beautiful all lace dress (below), which coincidentally all looked like cut paper. This is where my inspiration came from, and although I strayed from many of my first ideas I was very pleased with the bridal gown that came out of it.

I created this dress for a fashion project when I was finishing up my last year of high school. I have wanted to share this because not only do I want to show how I style, but also want to show how I create. This will be the first of hopefully many more posts to come, that feature my own art. This dress is made 100% out of paper products and comes apart as a two piece.

The project didn't ask for someone to be able to wear the paper dress, but I wanted to go to that length. Designing the skirt to flow was difficult as it had to be made all out of paper, but suddenly it hit me; I would use a paper tablecloth, which had the consistency of a napkin. The paper doilies were my only way at the time to get a lace effect with out cutting out pieces from the actual gown so I glued them in patterns to create the effect.

I was extremely happy with the turnout and I'm glad I could conquer the challenge! 
(excuse my blue panties in the last photo)
Rings pictured are from Bloody Mary Metal, Claire's, and thrifted.
Necklaces from Elle and gifted.

All photos of paper dress taken by Sterling M. Hauser. 

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