Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My First and Last 3 day Summer Festival: OOTD

Closing off the summer with most likely my last summery style outfit. 
Check it out!

All things thrifted and DIY. 
Reuse, reduce and recycle, babies! Clothes make up quite a big percentage of our landfills all over the world. We need to continue to reuse what has already been created because its easy to and the pieces can always be styled really well. 

A new post about the festival will be coming soon!


  1. your style is amazing! love these photos.
    i love your blog, it is so gorgeous!
    i hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get your instagram widget at the top of your page to show the captions when you hover over each picture?

    love, anna | ohsnapanna

    1. hey anna I swore I responded to this already, but first of all thanks so much for the comment! and second I didn't even realize it did that ! I used http://instansive.com/ to get my widget and it works pretty well :)

      haylie maria @ shecatwalks.ca