Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cashmere Black Cat

turtleneck -  | trousers - bluenotes | slip-on shoes - payless | tote bag - zara | necklace - elle

So since October is the month of spookiness, why not wear all black? And why not wear a fuzzy cashmere turtleneck to become a black cat? I found this top at Value Village for six dollars and have been wearing it ever since. It is the most cozy and comfiest sweaters I own while still making any outfit a little more chic.
My boyfriend got me these faux leather slip-on sneakers that modernize any pant leg which is why I decided to pair them with these (pretty shapeless) dress trousers.
This ootd is made up of really cheap pieces that work together to create a really in-trend and still easy going look for days when your just running errands or going out for lunch. Always opt for less expensive clothing until you really plan and find the right staple investment piece for your wardrobe.

(also big shoutout to my mum invading my photoshoot) 

Thanks for reading!

Photos taken by wonderful Sterling Hauser


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