Saturday, 10 October 2015

Hello October (sorry I missed you september)

shoes - Nike | shorts - DIY Topshop | shirt - brother's closet | sweater - Tobermory, Ontario | hat - Forever21

Alright, so I know I'm definitely a little late to be posting a summer to autumn transitional outfit but the days have been going from sweater weather back to shorts weather on and off for a couple weeks so I thought this outfit was perfect to style. 
These denim shorts were some great Topshop mom jeans but through the years they lost their shape and didn't suit my legs anymore. Now they are boyfriend styled jean cut-offs that add a little more to the silhouette of an outfit.
I wore this crisp white cotton button up that falls drapes really well when it's undone like I have styled. The cut of the collar makes for a clean and almost dressed up vibe for this look. For the cooler days, throwing over a huge crewneck jumper adds so much warmth while still keeping the outfit functional and stylish.
I recently got this brimmed wool hat that is such an easy piece to throw on with an outfit to make it look more put together (when really this outfit just looks like a little get up you would wear while working the farm).
Last, these palm tree Nike Roshe are such a statement part of the outfit because they have such a contrasted contemporary looking pattern while still being a comfy Nike running shoe at the same time. This outfit was certainly (over)worn a lot throughout the seasonal transition as it just had the perfect elements to keep either warm or cool while Canada figured out which temperature it was going for. Versatile outfits with greys, white, and black are so incredibly practical and will for sure go with any oncoming fashion season just by changing up the shapes (but not the colours) of the pieces.

And a big thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Sterling Hauser for being my personal photographer!

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