Thursday, 29 October 2015

That Feel When U Wanna Go Goth

The three most amazing four-letter-worded shops that you can find the best vampy vibes in.
ASOS with it's huge database allows so many fun (and still deadly) pieces to go with an all black look. Right now ASOS even has a Halloween section where all their spookiest clothing is featured. My first tip is to work with the shape you get from an all black outfit; play with the flow of different textures (this way you can go to your halloween party as a silhouette or shadow).
UNIF does graphic tees right! An interesting white graphic can make an all black look go from flat to dynamic because it adds a pop of a contrasted shade (notice I didn't say colour). For the perfect goth look, chokers are a must and that is why UNIF is one of the best places to go.
ZARA, it's a love-hate relationship with you and I. Love being for your online shop and hate being for your maze of a store with too many items to even comprehend. Still, ZARA has the best textures and texture brings a whole new edge to an all black outfit. When you pair black leather, black velvet, black mesh, and black knit you are left with a super uniquely styled outfit and that is the way to go when working with a monochromatic look.

Hope this was helpful for your last minute DIY Halloween costumes. Take inspo for a witch, vampire, black cat, and all things gothy!! 

Happy Halloween!

Photos were saved from the three websites mentioned, then collaged by me.

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