Saturday, 26 December 2015

I Hope You Had A Merry Christmas

welcome to the free world

Christmas this year to me was all about giving; I was buying and wrapping presents early on in December. I felt so full of joy this holiday season that I don't really want it to end now in all honesty. Me and Sterling put up our first Christmas tree together and decorated a little space down in the basement apartment we recently renovated. It made this season so much more cheerful with a little Christmas corner that we could call our own. 

We threw some lights on our 20$ (and beautiful) tree, bought a couple ornament sets we thought could start off our collection nicely, and I decorated some little paper bags (with glitter!) to add something extra. I made the stockings out of an old flannel shirt one night just because I felt festive. The little star lights are from Indigo while the geometrical Christmas tree bulbs and white porcelain keys are from Ikea.

Plaid was my favourite pattern this season and when Sterling pulled out the gorgeous wool blanket pictured, I almost teared up. The blanket shows off the perfect holiday plaid but combining more unconventional colours. 

I really hope everyone had some wonderful time with their families and ate lots of amazing food! I know I did and loved every moment. Thank you everyone for the lovely gifts, which I will be putting to excellent use! 

The next post up on the blog will be a New Years Eve night out outfit, so stay tuned!
(oh I got seeing glasses and a polaroid camera)


  1. Polaroids are so hipster but great haha, bought one as a gift for a friend recently... you really have to think before taking a picture cause you don't wanna waste these damn expensive films :)

    1. I know I'm going to have anxiety about every picture i take hahaha!