Friday, 20 May 2016

It Is "What's Underneath"

For Mental Health week, I decided I would dedicate a post to an amazing Youtube channel that has interviewed some beautiful people and stripped them of their insecurities (and clothes) to find their true self.
I have been seeing a couple of StyleLikeU's #WhatsUnderneath project videos floating around the internet, but today I finally went and binge-watched a ton of their videos (and I couldn't stop because they are so inspiring). Basically, the channel is all about taking away all the the fashion statements and bling, and instead finding love for the vehicle that will take you all the way through life: your body.

"It is knowing who you are
It is comfort in your skin
It is your spirit
It is what's underneath"

Here are just a few of the videos of amazing women that really struck me and inspired this little blog post on individuality and personal fears that we have while coming to realize who we all are.

The videos of all the women I shared are truly captivating with their passions, intelligence and hopes for our generation and themselves! They all have a great purpose and hopefully them being able to see that after the 10 minutes each of them talked for, will lead them to where they want to be. The creators of this series are so incredible for what they do, they are exposing fears of young or old women and men to a society that think these fears never exist. In the comment section of every video, they have a plethora of individuals that share their own insecurities and their own doubts about who they are. The honesty that shines when one person ejects a secret thought or feeling that gnaws on them every day is truly inspiring. People seem to feel more brave and comfortable sharing their struggles when they see that they are not alone in facing what they don't want to. The StyleLikeU channel has certainly achieved something along the lines of a trading game where one secret put out there in a raw and personalized form is traded for 100+ people sharing their own secrets and experiences. The best part too, is that people let each other talk here. Almost every viewer commenting seems to have some relatable understanding or positive energy to give back to the video. 
Everyone has different experiences that create the illusion of needing to hide away a part of our selves that we fear, but we should all eventually come to terms with these things and let it become our best and defining character. No matter if we are afraid of our depression, or our ears, or other people, I say learn to love that and your whole embodiment will become so much more powerful in the world. There is always going to be fear of the unknown, fear of being judged, or fear of who to be, but with the actors, models, business owners, humans, being interviewed and those who run this enlightening channel, at least we know there is a little haven where one who is lost can truly take a deep breath and know they are not alone in the ever-changing forest of life.
(ALSO all these ladies have amazing style!)

Thanks all for reading

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