Sunday, 26 June 2016


Shorts - Marshell's \ St. Tropez | Top - Forever21 | Sneakers - Converse | Hat - Forever21
Raybans - Sunglasses Hut | Gold Necklace - Mr. Kate | Silver Necklace - Elle

Remember when I talked about how comfort rules over all of fashion for me? Comfort still stands as my #1 priority with style, I just find it hard to sacrifice it for anything else that comes with fashion. I find summer the most difficult to really satisfy my own style expectations because I feel constricted to staying comfortable in the heat. I have realized jean short-shorts that still fit me the way they are suppose to just don't feel comfortable anymore; I don't like when the shorts are shorter than the graphic tee I like to wear or for my butt to hang out while I'm walking, that isn't my style and it certainly isn't a comfortable look for me. So finally, after a lot of indecision during my morning routine, I got around to buying some linen shorts that I knew would win a place in my favourites this summer. They basically feel like pyjama bottoms and even if they kind of look like them too, I'm definitely okay with it. I love the fabric and the "paper bag" waist style that these shorts showcase; it's one style we saw on the runway this year that I thought was particularly easy for mass market fashion to take on and actually emulate well. I loved pairing the neutral coloured shorts with different variants of grey to create a lighter palette than I normally style; it kept the outfit summery and very light to wear in the hot heat.

I also really wanted to showcase these amazing gold accessories. Both my Raybans and this amazing  star necklace from Mr. Kate have been on my wishlist for probably a couple years now so I took the plunge and got them. Obviously everyone and their mother have the round metal Raybans but I think they are such a classic look that I could never get sick of styling these or even see them be styled in this case. Also, this gold necklace is my everything lately and I love pairing it with my sterling silver necklace from my boyfriend. 
(By the way, excuse my converse that aren't so white anymore.)

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