Friday, 3 June 2016

Just a Casual Day

Choker - Sheinside | Sweater - Tobermory Shop | Jeans - DIY | Boots - Zara | Backpack - Matt&Nat

When the summer nights were still a lot cooler in Canada (only a couple days ago) you needed a big sweater to keep warm. Soon my summer will consist of trying to stay cool but still look cool, as I'm not a fan of shorts and a tank top, I'm going to be experimenting a lot with skirts and dresses to spice up my wardrobe this year. For now though, this is the first choker styled out of my last weeks post! The thick velvet choker really adds some grunge to this plain and comfy outfit. Little accessories really do change the whole look, not drastically, but enough for me to be okay with wearing the same things twice (or more) in one week. I am definitely a person all about comfort when it comes to style. For example, in my opinion oversized sweaters look better then tight ones and your brother's or boyfriend's white button up is a lot softer from wear than your new starchy Zara one (not bashing Zara I love everything in there)! Obviously there is a time and place for a specific structure of a piece but if it is only for the aesthetic of an outfit why sacrifice your own comfort? That's why I think no one should be afraid to thrift for previously loved pieces; they don't break the bank, you're recycling, and you'll find something that you could never find in stores or online. Also, if they have held up for 20+ years, lets just assume they are of great quality! Mix up the oversized comfort style with contrasting pieces, like while my sweater is an organic shape, my boots are sharp and pointed at the toe. Balance, young grasshopper. Style is 100% a personal expression, and it is also a luxury we are privileged to experience.


  1. This is such a cute casual look! The choker works so well with the sweatshirt, I never would have thought to pair the two!

    1. Thanks for the feedback love! It was super fun to style up :)
      your blog rocks btw x