Saturday, 18 June 2016

Patched & Pinned Denim (Part 1)

Denim Jacket | Thrifted Levi’s | Top - Forver21 | Shorts - Forever21 | Star Necklace - Mr. Kate
Heels - H&M | Neck Scarf - Vintage

Alright, this is my final OOTD for the #BloglovinHMawards16 contest with Man Repeller, H&M, and Bloglovin’. I wanted to style these amazing heels from H&M again because they are such a staple heel that it’s easy to wear them with so many different outfits, whether it is on the more formal side or a lot more laid back like my previous outfit. The block heel style makes it so much easier to strut your stuff in these; I’m definitely not terrible at walking in heels but I don’t find it as comfortable (obviously) as chucking on a sweet pair of sneakers or even more of a platform style heel. 

The main event of this post though, is this gorgeous denim jacket that seems to be perfect all around. It’s a great shape, a beautiful blue denim wash, and it’s vintage Levi’s! What more could I ask for from my first denim jacket? I was actually very inspired my Mika Francis from Wild Daze who creates amazing fashion, beauty and feel-good content on Youtube (check her out here). She recently posted a video about her customizing her new vegan leather jacket with some embroidered patches and lapel pins to make it totally personalized, and instantly I was drawn to the idea of creating my own version with a denim jacket instead and some really fun and nerdy patches. I have been obsessed with Harry Potter lately, I love all of the Studio Ghibli movies, and I basically want to be a Stark in Game of Thrones so I ordered some rad patches off of Etsy that I thought would be fitting! Once I actually have received them, I will be putting up “Patched & Pinned (Part 2)” and featuring this denim jacket styled in another way which I am super excited to show you all. 

The neck scarf pictured is the next choker I decided to style from one of my more recent posts “My Favourite Choker Styles” (which if you haven’t read it, you can find it here) which makes 3/6 of them featured in OOTDs! Stay tuned for more to come. 

Thanks for reading!

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