Saturday, 2 July 2016

Listening to: My Songs of Summer

This is my latest update on what I've been listening to recently; the songs consist of my favourite sunny guitar riffs, some wonderfully melancholy lyrics and a mix of rad electronic progressions. I picture someone enjoying my selection while driving on the highway with the starry sky watching above and singing along to Heroes80's Comedown Machine and Let It Happen. Or finally after hearing the After Party and Brooklyn Baby on a boring rainy day, You! Me! Dancing! comes on and you get up and dance around your room with your hairbrush as your microphone. I want someone to hear Why Won't They Talk to Me? and Some Time Alone, Alone after getting in that good mood where you want to laugh and dance with your cheesed friends like hippie babes from the 70s as the sun pours in. You may be biking up a hilled road to Line of Fire and on the way down The Suburbs comes on and you start to really feel those summer feelings of love, freedom and what could possibly be pure happiness. All these songs have some sort of memory or feeling that sparks when I hear the first couple chords and I hope maybe a couple (or all) can become a defining part of your summer this year.

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