Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer Haul 2016

Today I put together some images of the things I have purchased in these last couple months. I'll just talk a little about each products by going down from top image to bottom.

First, I really needed to find a pair of nice denim cut-offs that fit me comfortably and these fit my necessity. I actually bought these as full length vintage Levi's jeans, cut them at the right length and threw them in the dryer to distress the edge. This is always a great way to find your perfect pair of shorts because they are personalized for your own liking.
I picked up two shirts from Zara that both featured stripes and red accents. Recently, red and other warm toned colours have been my favourite to pair with an all black or white outfit for that extra detail (soon you will see all the clothes in this haul featured in outfit posts).
The white linen dress is from Aritzia's sale which is absolutely stunning and the red floral dress was an amazing find from Forever21. It honestly gives me For Love and Lemon vibes with the cut if the dress and even the delicate print. The blue off-the shoulder top shown is an beautiful piece from Shein(side) that I preordered. The fabric is like a cottony linen material and the quality is outstanding! I'm so excited to style that piece for you.

Next, we have my little homeware haul. This candle is perfect; it is heavily perfumed but the smell itself is beautiful when burned. It's a warm scent with lots of earthy tones, cedar and pine. When it's been lit in my room for a little it smells like fresh cut wood and a fire on a cool night. To dress up my room a little, I found some greyscale throw pillows at Ikea that have already been looking great on my bed. Above my little reading nook full of pillows, I needed a reading light and so I bought this cord light fixture that just plugs in from Ikea and found a cute retro light bulb from Rona (you can find them at any hardware store I'm sure). This light gives my room an over all golden glow and is perfect for reading!

All three of these books have been amazing to read. I read Ready Player One by Earnest Cline first and was heavily intoxicated by this novel. I actually have a full Book Report coming up about this one so stay tuned. The next book I read was The Girls by Emma Cline (I know weird, same last name) but this one was completely different. It took place back and forth from now back to 1969. The story was generally a contemporary thriller featuring a girl that was not so different from most but eventually found herself obsessed with living the life in a cult. Sounds creepy? It is, but I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys thrillers like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. The story line encapsulates you and the weirdest thing was I was starting to feel involved in her life too. 
The last book is an interesting one; I am only half way through but I'll most likely finish it tonight. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. This novel has been everywhere at the moment because of the movie release being announced. I 100% recommend reading the novel before seeing the movie! Though I think the movie will be good, I know, just from where I am in this book and seeing the trailer, that there are going to be a lot of lost details in the movie (which is okay because you can't include everything in movie renditions of novels). Just read the book first; it's an interesting mix of very fictional vs. very realistic and follows the story of Jacob, who tries to fulfill his grandfather, Abe's, last words by travelling to the island he fled to from the war when Abe was a child. Jacob is a loveable character and must deal with the stability of his mental health along the way after seeing his grandfather pass away. He uncovers clues of his grandfather's past while exploring the island and eventually has a break through that will change the way he sees his grandfather and the stories he used to tell young Jacob.

The last image is a picture of the pins I have been wanting to showcase on my blog. I am now obsessed with enamel pins; I find myself on Etsy scrolling through as many pages of pins as I can to pick out the ones that I know will display my personality when I display them on my clothes. Obviously, I had to find one of a pickle (one of my favourite snacks) and I came accross Gem from her shop Mogueless on Etsy. She was amazing to deal with and when this itty bitty pickle pin came in I was so delighted! It's honestly the cutest thing in my collection at the moment. The next pin I got was this perfect PlayStation controller pin from Hot Topic. I am so in love with it because I like to spend my down time on my PS3 travelling the world of Skyrim (and I've always been a PlayStation kind of girl, sorry Xbox). As the Harry Potter release was coming up at Indigo and I was fully dressing up as a Hogwarts student I really wanted a Prefect pin to rock that night. This one from Legndary Letters gave me exactly what I wanted, but unfortunately I ordered it too late to actually wear it during the release night. This litte pin will be the perfect (or should I say prefect) ode to Harry Potter on my denim jacket when I'm finished with it and it also may show up in a future Book Report for the Cursed Child. Last and certainly not least we have the cutest, most badass pin from Tuesday Bassen. She has been dealing with a lot of stuff due to a really serious issue and I wanted to show my support to her. As an independent artist, people struggle so hard to grow a following and work so hard to maintain it with constant designs. So when a large company comes and decides to deliberately copy a design or multiple, it is never a compliment, it's an insult to the designer and what he or she stands for (it also just makes the large company look dumb because they clearly don't have original ideas). Unfortunately, the brand I am referring to was also featured in this haul but were purchased before I was aware of the dilemma. Anyways, I certainly will be buying from Tuesday Bassen again as her service was exceptional and the pin I received is perfect quality. 
I am really happy with this little haul and hope you all look forward to the outfits styled with these pieces! This was a really fun post and I will be sure to do these seasonally. 
As always, thanks for reading!

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