Thursday, 1 September 2016

Get Out Those Autumnal Colours

I am really, really, REALLY excited for autumn this year. I can tell that September through winter is going to be an excellent end to 2016 and will certainly leave me motivated to keep this blog active, while hopefully moving on to bigger things. As it is September 1st, (meteorological) autumn has come in full force, even cooling down our hot Canadian summer days with the perfect breeze. I want this to be the last outfit post of the season that I will actually be sweating while simply posing in front of the camera. 

Anyways, this dress from Forever21 is gorgeous and as soon as I saw it I absolutely fell in love with the floral pattern and rust and white colour palette. Definitely getting 70s vibes from this dress and I am seriously liking it. The dress fabric falls effortlessly on the body and the cut is an incredible shape that looks great with a pair of heels while still having a quite conservative length I find perfectly comfortable. I decided to style this up really simply, just throwing on my favourite pair of Vans to create a contrast of femininity mixed with a little bit of sk8r-grl action. The dress paired with an awesome leather or denim jacket would give off the same kind of vibe (and I totally would have added that extra layer but again, it was way too hot). 

As always thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more coming soon,

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