Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Listening To: Noname's 'Telefone'

I recently found the album "Telefone" by hiphop artist Noname and instantly knew I needed to write about it.
Fatima Warner is Noname, and her slam poetry roots definitely shine through in her debut album "Telefone". Even Complex Mag put her at #12 out of 20 other hiphop artists in their twenties (above Tyler the creator and A$AP Ferg and on the list with a group of greats). All of her beats are so unique but keeps it classic and her voice just compliments the vibe of the production incredibly.
When the sun is going down
When the dark is out to stay
I picture your smile, like it was yesterday

The album opens with a sunny progression that goes into an organic drum line and Fatima's poetic flow. The whole album reminds me of a mixture of Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" and Cortex's "Chanson D'un Jour D'hiver" with an extra modern sound.
What a pretty lady in the valley of the shadows
I'm thinking she lost a battle

I'm thinking she found the bottle

As much as I enjoy to just listen and read to the sound of this ten track album, there are also some beautifully crafted lyrics all through out it. Lots of talk on freedom and standing up for black rights of women and men. Her other lyrics involve following the rules and learning the love of her mother and grandmother, who are two women that she is clearly inspired by and looks up to very much.
Love is all i need
My honeybee red black and green
Majestic queen

I hope you can take a minute to have a listen while your doing you daily thing! The album portrays a a great experience if you are just chilling, reading, or dancing around I hope you enjoy like I have this past couple weeks.

As always thanks so much for reading,

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