Monday, 26 September 2016

Thrifted Denim

Denim pieces are my all time favourite things to search for at second-hand shops. When a denim piece is previously worn and loved, you can tell and that factor usually creates a unique item to have in your wardrobe. This time I wasn't really looking, but I came across these jeans in the men's section of Value Village and tried them on because they seemed almost short enough to be the perfect denim culottes on me. I love the way they fit! I think it's imporant to have different washes and different styles of staple jeans as they are items that can pair with almost anything... even other denim! Because they are 100% boyfriend fit, I paired them with a belt to pull them in at the waist, a feminine shaped crop top, and a DIY satin choker for a little juxtaposition. My Matt & Nat bag came in really handy this day while me and Sterling were out and about so I could fit my camera and all of my necessities in a cute little pack on my back. 

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