Monday, 12 September 2016

Zara's September Vibes

My jaw literally keeps dropping. Zara is killing it this season from their clothes to photographs to stylists to models! Who are you right now Zara? I'm in love. When the weather cools down I am so excited to start experimenting more with layering. I think this year, because 70s and 90s looks are coming back in full force, layering is a must. Even on the runway I have been seeing SO much layering that those models must be sweating. The reason I dislike summer fashion so much is that there is no possible way I am putting on more than a bra and shirt because I just get way too hot (but the heat is slowly disappearing in Canada, I hope). 
I also just love black and dressing like a witch and that fits more appropriately with autumn/winter style a little better. Anyways this is just a short update reminding anyone who reads that this is when you can really start experimenting out of your comfort zone which is super fun to do when it is also functional to keep warm! So many opportunities to style luxurious thick fabrics, differently shaped coats, capes, trench coats, infinite black booties, and everything that speaks "winter is coming (which means it's fall and I love this crisp weather)".

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