Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Happy November

Good morning! I just wanted to post something quick to thank everyone for sticking with me! I haven't posted a text post in a little but I really have been so busy with everything else in my life right now. I have been spending time with Sterling and my friends and family and really thinking about life itself. On top of my social life, I work at Indigo Books and that has been taking a lot of my time at the moment, which I know I need right now so I can earn enough to put myself in school next year.
I have promised myself to always make time for this blog but with starting to post video AND a blog post every week has been so hectic that I feel like I have overlooked the simplicity and calmness of just sitting down and writing something. I have been incredibly passionate about making videos the past couple months and I know that passion will only grow with time, so if you are interested I would love for you to subscribe and follow along that journey with me. It has been so fun to film and edit the videos that I have always wanted to make while adding my own flair to a channel that I can call my own. It's such an incredible feeling to become immersed in a community that I normally am only the viewer rather than the creator. I'm so happy to have built the number of subscribers and supporters I have in such a short time and with hard work and dedication to Youtube I hope that I can succeed in constantly making the quality videos I aim to whilst managing this blog. It makes me so thankful to be able to choose a passion and create the way our world allows us to.

For now I'll just say, as I normally do, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to what is to come,

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