Monday, 17 April 2017

Book Report: A Darker Shade of Magic Series - V. E. Schwab

I am going to try and write a short review but honestly, I don't think I can even begin to imagine typing everything I need to say about this series.

The Darker Shade of Magic series has given me so much more than any novels I have read. When I closed the back cover of the final novel, tears were already streaming down my face. It feels as though I stepped out of their magical world and travelled far away from my favourite characters ever written.

I guess I have to begin by explaining the plot of this story and actual give you some details about why you should read it (but even if I don't do a great job please just go for it). So, here it goes:

London, England is a real place we know in this world today. We know in the 1700's kings and queens and knights and kingdoms were a thing and that there was no magic then and still none now. This we all think to be true but in this world, King George III keeps a secret; a magician from another version of London comes and visits him. We learn that this magician, Kell, is a messenger from his world, his city. One that he calls Red London where magic thrives in harmony with man. We learn that there is yet another, White London, where magic is starved, and drained by the power-hungry rulers that live there. And that Black London is a place, a void, that no one speaks of.
In A Darker Shade of Magic, Kell travels to Grey London as an ambassador to his Throne but also childishly smuggles seemingly innocent items touched by magic. One piece making him realize that it was a foolish hobby no matter how careful he tried to be.

With a cutpurse and thief from Grey London named Lila Bard who at first meeting successfully pickpockets him, Kell returns to his home city to begin a journey that would save his world. We get to know that Lila is a girl who is scared of one thing; human ties that hold her in one place. She tells herself that she hates people so that she doesn't need to worry later if they die or leave her. And because of this her back story is entirely compelling and heart-wrenching.

I am 100% in love with every character Victoria introduces, including the antagonist Holland, who you are introduced to. These three characters I mentioned, happen to all be in my fan art for the series. For people that have read the series, the spells and the characters go hand in hand, and the characters all connect at one point in a really amazing way, especially seeing as they are all my favourites. I can tell you that each of them are from a different London; Kell from Red, Holland from White, Lila from Grey.
That's it because I don't want to spoil anything, but I promise you, if you like fantasy books with amazing adventures, pirate ships, and magic, you will certainly fall in love with this series.

Thanks so much for reading,

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