Monday, 10 April 2017

Dewy Sping Makeup Look

I wanted to post some pictures of my latest makeup look for days I want to actually wear a full face of makeup. I am one of those girls that rarely wears a full face of makeup so I don't own a lot of products but I like to wear it on special occasions, when I'm just feeling like getting a little glam or while Sterling and I are doing a shoot. I think it's nice to have a makeup routine that you're comfortable with and is easy to apply for when you just feel like wearing more makeup. For me, this means I like it to look natural anyways but adding a little blush, highlight and contour makes all the difference.

So for this look I start with a base of Maybelline fit me foundation, which I normally apply with a beauty blender or my fingers if I'm feeling a tad lazy. I like this foundation because it dries really lightweight on my skin but the coverage is decent and evens my skin tone. Then I normally go in with my E.L.F contour palette which includes a warm-toned bronzer shade and a cooler toned contour that are both matte so I used these shades in the hollows of my cheeks and in my eye crease to define the eyes a little.
For this look, I've been using a peachy pink Essence blush to lightly place on the apples of my cheeks and the place wear you would normally have a sun burn on your nose. I think this adds to the natural "blush" or being "flushed" look which I think is cute. To counter the pink on my nose I went in with my Too Face Candlelight Glow highlight right on the tip of my nose and right underneath wear my unibrow would be. Adding more glow to the cupids bow and the high points of my cheekbones and on the brow bones give it that extra bit of dew. I also find using this highlight as an eyeshadow make my lids almost have that glossy look so many 90s runway shows used. 

For my brows, I just run an almost dried up mascara by Covergirl through them to add some volume (do I need it?) and keep them from moving around, just like a tinted brow gel would do (but I don't want to buy an extra product). I used mascara first and then got it on my lids so I took my brown eyeliner by Essence and just made it into a thin line and pulled it straight out at the wing to make my eyes look a little bigger. With this look and that brown eyeliner I sometimes add faux freckles but I kept it really simple this day. I just topped it off with a "my lips but better" colour by mixing two E.L.F matte lipsticks in wine and neutral and blended that into my lips.

With makeup I really keep my standards down; if I get mascara on my nose, I rub it off. I don't need everything to be perfect because that's just not me. (I mean I'll still blend the shit out of my contour even if I accidentally put it on too heavily, but you get it.) Makeup to me is just an extension of your true beauty and wearing it to feel confident isn't a negative thing. I personally love keeping it natural but I am amazed to see makeup looks that are truly artful in the way the artist applies it! Whether you choose a face full of products or just your tinted moisturizer or nothing at all, you are beautiful and you should never let yourself or anyone else make you feel ashamed of the face you were given.
Also, check out my latest video, in which I'm wearing this look!

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