Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Creative Spotlight: Thuya Floral Arts

Tasha is a one-woman wonder who is the creative director of Thuya Floral Arts and runs her brick & mortar florist shop in downtown Hamilton. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in Tasha's floral studio & shop with my talented friend Caranina for the relaunch of her jewelry website (more info on Shop Caranina very soon!) Thuya Floral Arts is a beautiful hole-in-the-wall on King St. East with floor to ceiling windows on one wall and floor to ceiling velvet drapes hanging on the other. She has collected a marvellous selection of curated homeware, along with locally made made pottery that you might love to purchase to compliment a recently bought flower bouquet. Which brings us to our main event, the flowers. 

Tasha is an incredibly talented floral designer and photographer with an eye for interior design, who works with fresh cut flowers for all occasions. Caranina and Tasha collaborated to expertly bring together the (wo)man-made jewelry in polished silver and brass contrasted against blooms and delicate petals from mother nature. My job was being the hand mannequin and making sure my nails looked extra pretty, and I had such a fun day with these two creators. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera that day (silly me) but I'm sure I'll be returning as a customer soon anyways. The shop with light casting in, the smell of fresh-cut flowers and the three of us locked in with calm music while the rest of the world hurried past the windows outside seemed like a whole other world. I had a lovely day and to top it all off Tasha was so kind to gift me a stunning bouquet. Her bouquets seem to have this beautiful coordination of elegance and wildness; it's like she scooped up all the wildflowers she wanted in a meadow and assembled them all with lavish roses and greenery. Tasha's bouquets look as though they could be in a Monet painting or featured in a modern style wedding. She imports the most unique blooms in from Holland at this time of year, some of which we used for the jewelry lookbook with Shop Caranina. I'll be sure to link her Instagram and Website. I'm so thankful to get to know a local brand created by such a hard working individual. Thanks so much Tasha!

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