Saturday, 31 March 2018

New Edition: Dark Forest Green Blazer

"Now we come to the most pressing problem of the time. Shall you or shall you not wear a hat? It is really the completion of your outfit and in another way, it is very often the best way to show your personality. It is easier to express yourself sometimes with your hat than t is with your clothes." - Christian Dior's Little Dictionary of Fashion

"Green; It is suppose to be an unlucky colour. I think that is entirely wrong. I am superstitious and green has always been good for me. And it is a lovely colour and very elegant. It is a colour of Nature-and when you follow Nature for your colour schemes you can never go far wrong. I love to see green used in every shade and in every material-from tweed in the morning to satin in the evening. There is green for everyone and for every complexion." - Christian Dior's Little Dictionary of Fashion
blazer - Zara sale | blouse - Dynamite | mom jeans - vintage GAP | beret - forever21 | boots - Dr Martens | bag - forever21

Being able to style colour always feels like an achievement. As we go through the stages of evolving our personal styles, I think almost everyone went through the phase of being "edgy" and "fashionable" because they only ever wear black. If that was only me please tell it to me straight and let me know. The main obstacle I face while getting dressed every day, is that the combinations of certain colours really bug me; Navy and denim, brown and black, any light colour styled with white. I always feel myself slipping back to adding black as the base element. Recently I've been picking out a lot of white and cream to style monochrome outfits with a pop of colour as an accent and this is a huge step for me.
The outfit pictured here looks quite easygoing and simple compared to our fashion world in 2018, but for me it really is quite out of my comfort zone. I have four main colours I worked with, black white, denim and green. Green is an addition I normally would never go for in my wardrobe but I found this beautiful blazer from Zara that I couldn't pass up. The colour is so reminiscent of the 70s coloured suits, I thought it would work really well into most of my basic outfits and be a great statement jacket for my wardrobe. Usually if I wear denim, I only ever wear white or black to complement it and to not overstep with too many different tones. I think the easiest way to get past my phobia of wearing colour, the best thing I can do is to purchase the statement or trend pieces I want to utilize in colour instead of neutral colours. That way when I'm bringing together an outfit the colour comes to the outfit as a statement and can be paired with a neutral base.
Right now my neutral colours for simple styling are black, white (creams & off-white), denim, and warm toned browns. I recently started injecting more camel coloured pieces into my closet and right now am looking for a pair of tan or camel trousers to add into my staple wardrobe for spring & summer. The black and white polkadot blouse is a new selection that is a simple addition to any outfit. Along with the four tonal groups I mentioned, I've found that classic patterns like stripes, dots or check are favourable when you feel an outfit is lack-lustre and needs to step it up. I even find that styling bold colours work really well with black & white classic patterns, i.e picnic blanket checked trousers with a yellow sweater. 
P.S. My favourite and go-to colour combos of the moment right now are denim & white, white & grey, camel & denim, red & denim, yellow & check, black and white stripes & camel.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little spill of thoughts. Let me know if you think styling colour is easy or if I'm not alone with my styling issues!

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