Thursday, 10 May 2018

It's beginning: Spring

jacket - vintage Danier | turtleneck - thrifted | trousers - H&M | boots - Zara | earrings - machete jewelry | tote - common supply

Spring time comes around late in Southern Ontario. We are so self-aware to the point that they make car commercials advertising the fact that winter seems like it's over but it will come back with snow and freezing rain and ice so without winter tires you're basically f*cked. I like to make sure my outfits have the same fail-safe that all season tires have; the insurance of being able to cover up if the winter chill is still lingering there in the shade on what seems like perfectly sunny days. 

I chose these trousers that are a nice thick fabric but still incredibly breathable. They are really lovely quality and the cut is a nice tailored look. I wanted to dress them casual on top with a plain black ribbed turtleneck that was thrifted. The cropped coat is vintage Danier, a Canadian leather company, found at the thrift store for 10$! It's a fairly stiff suede leather* and quite cropped so this isn't my every day jacket but I thought it paired nicely with this outfit. With days that go up and down in temperature here, having a jacket is still a must, so when you're not in the sun you're also not catching a cold from the chilly wind. I like to make outfits interchangeable from jacket on to still being interesting when the jacket can come off! Of course, I threw on my net tote bag that I bought off of the etsy shop Common Supply last year, I don't think she is selling any more but I believe amazon has also hopped on this trend. These bags remind me of summer at the beach or going to a market and picking the nicest apples. I love the natural cotton look and they are also washable!

*I've said before on my YouTube channel that I believe in recycling leather and suede from the thrift store. I think it is worth it and actually important to seek these pieces out instead of shopping at Zara or Aritzia for leather jackets. Then already-made pieces of real leather are reused and don't just go to waste. I have problems with mass produces leather just because there is no real need to use real leather anymore other than to be on trend, and I don't buy it. Faux leather jackets from mass production stores look just as stylish as the real leather ones created by the same companies. They are produced to charge insane amounts of money for inhumane & old fashioned ideals. Why buy real leather while the faux leather jacket beside it 1. looks like the same quality and 2. is actually a realistic price for a jacket? 

I love the colours in this outfit and although the burnt orangey-brown is quite autumnal, brown is definitely a key colour this year. I can picture myself wearing these trousers with a crisp white blouse as well with simple slides and a baker boy cap once it warms up just a tad more. I have more springtime outfits on the way before summer truly hits so stay tuned!

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